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Bay's Island Cruises Corporation begins when a young farmer, a worker of a maritime tourism agency, begins to dream about his own business. Today, more than 30 years later, Bay Island Cruises is a proudly 100% Costa Rican Capital Company, owned by Mr. Luis Fernando Sánchez Mora.

At its beginnings, with the Bay's Princess yacht, the company was exclusively dedicated to sail to Tortuga Island, but, thanks to the demand, the idea of building a boat with greater capacity and comfort was born, to offer our customers exotic destinations within the Gulf of Nicoya.

Today, we provide unforgettable experiences at impressive destinations by means of our high quality customer service and our highly trained personnel. During your journey with us, you will enjoy the lush natural attractions that our beautiful country offers.

"White Glove" Program

Standardization for Service Excellence

We currently have a training and development program for the personnel, in order to achieve excellence in the service, establishing the company's organizational chart, profiles and position manuals so that they can manage the human resource, have parameters for the development of their capacities and interpersonal relationships, strengthening operational standardizations and specific area trainings, developing a cordial and hospitable work environment, ensuring an excellent service.


Definition of our organization chart.

Definition of job profiles and job manuals of the Company to be able to have a base of performance analysis. Develop a plan of performance evaluations for the development of aptitudes of the position in view of Hospitality and Excellence in Service. Implementation of technical training in established areas to improve Customer Service.

Training and Development at Managerial, Headquarters and Operational levels within a new administrative structure of "Participative Leadership" and "Extreme Commitment".


The main asset of the Bay Island Cruises Corporation is its human talent, and our national and international tourists are our reason for being. Thanks to the performance of our collaborators, we can offer our clients a personalized service and an unforgettable experience. Our challenge is to fulfill this value.


Being the chosen company by national and foreign tourists, to provide the one-day tour to "Isla Tortuga" and "Isla San Lucas & Jesusita", and other maritime products, due the quality of the service provided, fair and commensurate rate, benefits to the community where it operates and to the human talent that works in the company.


Being the company offering to national and foreign tourists the unforgettable experience of visiting world-renowned destinations, such as Isla del Golfo de Nicoya (Gulf of Nicoya Island); "Isla Tortuga", "San Lucas and Jesusita", providing a product of incomparable quality, a safe and sustainable operation, not only with the environment, but also with the community involved and with the human talent that makes it possible.

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What our clients say

I’m so glad that someone recommended us to go explore Tortuga Island but more specifically to go with Bay Island Tours! From the moment you arrive to the moment when you leave, you are always being cared for. They help you whenever possible and are all so attentive. The island itself is so beautiful and we all had so much fun! Thank you to the staff for taking such good care of us! We look forward to one day coming back!

Maria F

A highlight of our Costa Rica Vacation
We had an excellent time! The whole staff is super nice, and attentive. The boat ride is beautiful, the island is beautiful, the food was tasty, they even washed our feet as we entered the boat leaving the island. This trip was the highlight of our Costa Rica vacation.

MonikaMartin999 Los Angeles, California

This is a great tour that I would recommend if you go to Costa Rica.
You will board a Catamaran fun boat from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica into the Golf of Nicoya. Where You will experience a breathless and relaxing sailing through several small islands, while being served fruit trays and drinks by Costa Rican sailors dressed in white. Narration of the history of the islands is provided as well as music by a Costa Rican band and entertainment as well.

Jorge B Tulsa, Oklahoma

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